What is Dot net

A software framework primarily for XML web services that is created by Microsoft is net or Dot net. programmers can develop programs with the help of users,users can interact with each other by the plat form of NET. Users can directly connect with each other with the help of windows live messengers.This the example of Net. There are many other software development examples of dot net. This shows an opposition to Microsoft outlook. It acts like a direct lines to other users.

Programmers use the framework Base class library,which includes the user interface,data access and connectivity.Net 4.0 is the latest version which was released on April 12,2010.Net 3.0 was released with window server 2008,and net 3.5 was released with window 7.
Net features;
                   Following are the features of NET.
1) Same run time or the use of CRL..
2) It provides support for language interoperability.
3) It is a successor of VB 6.0.
4) It is a part of operating systems and is found as a  platform for programmers.
5) It supports both windows and web application development.
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