Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC

The method used in software engineering to make software is called software development life cycle.It is abbreviated as SDLC.The authoritative commands tells,to complete soft ware engineering projects involving many people,use pre defined processes. It is mostly used in soft ware companies.Many people in the soft ware development environment acts as a part of SDLC. Software Developers write the software using a programming language.Bugs free test is done by software testers.
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Custom Software development are divided into different phases.these are as follow;
project initialization phase;
This phase includes to draw a road map for completion of the project.this phase tells that what is more important and what is less important. It consists pf clients that may be external or internal.project development team itself may be external or internal.
‘Envision phase; 
In this phase architecture of software is imagined.road map design is completed,prototypes are also developed along it.system procedure is explained also.almost all the people in SDLC are involved in this phase.
writing the code;
code is written in sprint cycles. Custom Software Application development starts from this phase.
Bug check;
Bugs are basically the errors in the application. In this phase,bugs are checked by testers.
The software is checked into a real time environment that checks the customer location.
software re-establishment;
Any issue or complaints that comes up after the release is resolved in this step.
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